Biography (English)

[img align=right][/img] [size=large][color=663300]About Himeko KODAMA[/color][/size] Himeko KODAMA was born in Akita , Japan . After graduating from a fashion design college, worked as a clothing designer and sportswear merchandiser. In 1993 embarked as a freelance photographer, mainly handling photographs for magazines and other publications, in an editorial company, Muzzle Win Press. Devoted to the art of monochrome photographs since the first exhibition of The Here That Is Nowhere in Tokyo in 2001 continues to produce excellent photographs. Now In 2008 I am working at the library of Waseda University . I am taking a digital photos for the data preservation mainfly old of Japanese writings(Shyo), books, and the picture scrolls(Makimono) that the library here stores is done. [b]Statement[/b] Photos capture the visual outer world. By the same token, they symbolize my trip to the inner world, where I explore the history of myself from the past to present. [b]Major Solo exhibition[/b] 2001 The Here That Is Nowhere at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2002 Tranquil Portraits at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2003 People Around the Town at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2005 Passers-by in Omotesanndo at Laune cafe , 1F Hanae Mori Building, Tokyo 2006 Passers-by:Tranquil Portraits at Konica Minoruta Plaza Gallery C , Tokyo [b]Group Exhibition[/b] 1999 Luky 15 + 1 at Tokyo Photographic Culture Center, Tokyo 2000 SELECT 2000 at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2000 25th J.P.S Exhibition Metropolitan Art Museum , Tokyo 2001 SELECT 2001 at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2001 Thanks at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2002 SELECT 2001 at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2002 30th APA Exhibition at Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 2002 Pair exhibition PORTRAITES EXHIBITION at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2002 Thanks at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2003 SELECT 2003 at photo gallery Jy , Tokyo 2003 Photo Exhibitions April at photo gallery Jy, Tokyo 2003 Pair exhibition Aya and Hime Show at photo gallery Jy,Tokyo 2003 A photographer group of Sen Black and White Variety at Aidam Photo Gallery Sirius, Tokyo 2007 A photographer group of Sen Waterat Aidam Photo Gallery Sirius , Tokyo [b]Exhibitions in other media[/b] 2004 Passers-by Tranquil Portraits broadcast by JFNBS satellite TV 320 channel. Titled as TV Gallery, it was on air for an hour from 16:00pm to 17:00pm everyday between November 2004 and November 2005. 2007 Appeared in Photographers in Relay, a gallery on mobile website, at Photo & foto, a high-resolution mobile site for photographers [b]Publishing[/b] 2004 Published photo book: Passers-by :Tranquil Portraits published by Creo Ltd in Tokyo 2004 Selected as recommended book by the Japan Library Association 2004 Housed in Tokyo Metropolitan Museum of Photography 2005 Housed in the National Superior School of Photography in France [b]Appearing in TV, Newspapers and Magazines[/b] 2002 Photo exhibition Tranquil Portraits on TV Asahi 2002 Yomiuri Newspaper and Japan Camera - Photo magazines- 2003 Photo exhibition People Around the Town on TV Asahi 2003 Asahi Camera - Photo magazine 2003 Feasive - Fashion magazine 2004 Photo book,Passers-by: Tranquil Portraits TV Akita Asahi Short documentary filming -Contents-The scene in which I was asking for people in Akita city, like I do in Tokyo, to pose for my photograph Comments on my passion toward photography 2004 TV Akita Photo book, Passers-by : Tranquil Portraits 2005 Tokyo Newspaper Photo exhibition Passers in Omotesando 2006 Photo exhibition Passers-by :Tranquil Portraits Photo Contest - Photo magazine 2006 Daisan Bunmei Interview: How Nervousness Affects Impact of Photography [b]Photo Book Review in Major Japanese Newspapers[/b] 2004 Komei Newspaper 2004 Akita Sakigake Shinposha Newspaper 2004 Akita Yomiuri Newspaper 2004 Nihon Keizai Newspaper 2004 Others: Kyodo News Corporation distributed the book review to more than 15 Japanese major newspapers including Nigata Nippo, To-ou Nippo Newspaper, Kobe Newspaper, Shizuoka Newspapaer, Shinano Daily Newspaper and Minami Nihon Newspaper. [b]Major Awards[/b] 1994 A Fence, Urban Award, Sponsored by the Shinjuku-ward Urban Development Corporation 2000 At 25th JPS Exhibition, Organized by the Japan Photographers Association 2002 At 30th APA Exhibition, Sponsored by Japan Advertising Photographer Association (APA) 2005 Photo book Passers- by :Tranquil Portraits at Rencontres d'Arles 2005 Book Award -The book was submitted and displayed at Arles Photography Festival in France [b]Affiliated Institution[/b] Japan Professional Photographers Society (J.P.S)

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